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It’s A Party at Canada Blooms 2016, join us as we celebrate 20 years!

It’s A Party at Canada Blooms 2016

We are Celebrating 20 great years!

This year’s theme is sure to inspire our garden designers and builders to create acres of fantasy gardens that capture the imagination.

Come and see how our talented garden designers, builders and floral superstars get in the party mood as they interpret the theme of It’s A Party!

Expect to see stunning showcases with vibrant colours, alluring fragrances, and captivating designs that will overtake your senses.

Over the years, Canada Blooms has supported numerous garden-related projects that have been built across Ontario. We are proud of our tradition of excellence as we present the best of Ontario’s landscape and horticultural industry. We invite you to join our 20th Anniversary Party at Canada Blooms 2016.

Builder/Exhibitor List 2016

If you are a garden builder, designer and architect and you are interested in building a garden, please let us know. Visit our Become a Garden Builder page for more details. You can email or call Horticultural Director, David Turnbull at 416-447-8655 x 7730 for more details.

Take another look at Canada Blooms 2015

Let’s Party G10 By Royal Stone Landscaping & Design and Aquaspa Pools Landscape & Design

Every landscape should be a truly special place. It should be able to define your lifestyle while at the same time providing you with the utmost satisfaction and enjoyment.

VIEW Let’s Party

A Secret Garden Party G17 By Near North Hardscapes Ltd.

Play time is family time and our garden is both relaxing and joyful

VIEW A Secret Garden Party

Do Up The Doorsteps: Get The Par-tea Started! G24A By Smallscapes

This inviting and colourful “Par-tea” features a completely edible landscape!

VIEW Do Up The Doorsteps: Get The Par-tea Started!

Do Up The Doorstep: Naughty In Nature G24B By ExperTrees

Its a party! And ExperTrees invites you to get “Naughty in Nature”

VIEW Do Up The Doorstep: Naughty In Nature

Botanical Bar G26 By Toronto Botanical Garden

This urban garden is intoxicating – full of natural beauty, country charm and wild elixirs that will raise your spirits and feed your soul. Discover how to infuse your urban space with plants that will increase your well-being and make a positive impact on the planet.

VIEW Botanical Bar

A Night Under The Stars G29 By Landscapes by Lucin

‘A Night Under The Stars’ is inspired by whimsical soirées held only by the most intriguing figures that lie in the mind.

VIEW A Night Under The Stars

Choose Your Path G30 By Landscape Ontario Team

This year’s Landscape Ontario Garden focuses on the vast number of careers available outdoors and in green professions. Primarily, the garden shows opportunities for those who are looking to enter a career in a green profession to “Choose Your Path”.

VIEW Choose Your Path

Party Of A Lifetime G31 By University Pro Landscapers Paving, Pool & Spa

This space is perfect to host legendary parties, fully equipped with an outdoor kitchen, glass wall infinity pool and ample room for guests to lounge and relax.

VIEW Party Of A Lifetime

Carnival Of Colour G33 By Vandermeer Nursery & Earth Art Landscapes

We invite you to be transported back to your childhood and enjoy a fantastic romp in this Topsy-Turvy world of wonders. Providing undeniable visual appeal for any gardener, the abundance of plants will astound views in their variety.

VIEW Carnival Of Colour

“C’est La Vie”: Party On The Terrace G34 By Garden Retreats

Indulge your senses and visit our party on the terrace. We created a backyard lifestyle with a modern and fun twist.

VIEW “C’est La Vie”: Party On The Terrace

Motown G37 By Egreen Design Inc

Entertaining Under The Moonlight G39 By Doug Silk, Louis Tolfo, Jen Dodson

We believe that the outside of your home should be as beautiful, functional and welcoming as the inside of your home. After all, your home is where family and friends connect with one another. Unilock is “Designed to Connect”

VIEW Entertaining Under The Moonlight

H20 Yeah! G41 By Genoscape

Come and meander through our winding pathways and let the sights and sounds of water lead your way.

VIEW H20 Yeah!

Educational Garden G42 By ORCGA and Fern Ridge Landscaping

This garden has been created to draw attention to some of the different utilities that folks might encounter when working on their landscapes.

VIEW Educational Garden

The Stingray Garden G43 By Julie Moore Modern Landscape Design

The Stingray Garden is about harmonizing form & function of thematic garden zones and creating unforgettable experiences in a distinctive luxurious outdoor space. Cool soft music and professional lighting will caress the whole entertainment theme.

VIEW The Stingray Garden

What is Canada Blooms?

Canada Blooms is an annual world-class festival that connects people to the joys and benefits of nature through experiences with gardens and flowers, by promoting, educating, inspiring and celebrating all aspects of horticulture....


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