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Feature Gardens of 2011


The passions of architecture and nature converge to ignite your imagination and illuminate your soul. The sights, sounds and scents of these gardens will trigger your senses into overload.

Relive Canada Blooms of the past all over again!

Our feature gardens allow you to explore acres of fantasy gardens that capture the imagination with their vibrant colours, alluring fragrances and captivating designs. View the great gardens of Canada Blooms 2011 all over again!  In this video you will also have a chance to meet some of the fantastic Designers and Landscapers whose work make Canada Blooms such a huge success.

Recurrence13By Aden Earthworks

Outstanding Use of Interior Plants - Presented by Brookdale Treeland Nurseries

This garden gives visitors the opportunity to learn about hydroponics and experience the contrast and complementary natures of vertical to traditional gardens. “Recurrence” exhibits our continued dedication to sustainable practices and illustrates the rhythm of history, earth, wind, water and time.

Aden Earthworks

Home Depot Backyard Oasis4By Allweather Landscape Co. Ltd.

Outstanding Outdoor Living Space - Presented by Permacon Group

Escape to The Home Depot Backyard Oasis where inspiration, design and luxury come to life. It’s a garden lover’s dream with a vast array of OPTIMUM plantings, intimate outdoor family rooms, patio and much more. Get inspired to achieve your own backyard oasis. During your visit be sure to speak to any of The Home Depot associates who can offer advice and knowledge for your next outdoor project. A wide variety of free know-how workshops will be running daily on The Home Depot stage. Be sure to sign up to our Garden club for tips, tricks and promotions on all outdoor plantings.Whatever your outdoor project, The Home Depot can inspire you and help you save money to create your own backyard oasis.

Allweather Landscape Co. Ltd.

Natural Playground7By Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

The Judges Choice Award for Best Overall Garden 2011; Evergreen Brick Works SEED Award - Society, Environment, Education, Design; Universal Access Award; Outstanding Outdoor Entertainment Area

Children and adults are invited into the space by the treetop rope bridge and the sound of the xylophones, drums, and the music of Tribal Thunder. Debbe is back to help create a large-scale nature mural for the Child and Nature Alliance that will be installed at an inner city school after the show ends, and visitors will be amazed by World Champion sand sculptor Karen Fralich as she creates even bigger and more spectacular displays before our eyes from more than 40 tonnes of sand.

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds

Every Tree Counts! Toronto's Urban Forest25By City of Toronto

Outstanding Use of Trees

Healthy communities are rooted in urban forests. Trees lend shade and beauty to our city, help to clean our air and water, and provide valuable food and habitat for wildlife. Vist the City of Toronto booth and see what you can do to preserve, protect and enhance Toronto’s natural environment. Learn how to plant and care for new and exisiting trees, ways to recognize harmful pests, get a grant to green your neighbourhood, effective mulch and watering techniques, and so much more!

City of Toronto

Alyce's Garden11By D.A. Gracey & Associates

Outstanding Use of Natural Stone - Presented by Beaver Valley Stone; The W.E. Bridgeman Trophy for Best Overall Use of Hard Landscape Elements

The rhythms of design and sound converge.  A stroll thru this garden will relax the soul. A rhythmic flow of sights and sounds will ease you into a soothing mood.  We invite you in to see how many ‘rhythms’ you can experience.

D.A. Gracey & Associates

A Symphony of Delight10By Elite Environments

Outstanding Use of Innovative Elements in a Garden - Presented by The Vineland Research and Innovative Centre

Music, instruments and flowers brought together to create “A Perfectly Orchestrated garden”.

Elite Environments

A Taste for Zen3By Humber College

The S.G. Ulbright Award for Outstanding Garden - Medium Size; Outstanding Use of Pre-Cast Pavers

This garden uses simple lines and forms to create a Zen- like character and offers an intimate patio, stream and pool with an infinity edge. Screen walls with raised planter boxes provide opportunities for seasonal plant display, intimacy and enclosure.

Humber College

Escape24By Near North

With the pressures of the day in our busy lives…traffic, streetcars, buses, cell phones, clients and customers. It’s good to come home at day’s end – to escape, relax, find peace and listen to the Rhythms of our own heart beat.

Near North

Midnight Train To Georgia21By Landscapes By Lucin

Outstanding Use of Walkways - Presented by Permacon Group

Our garden marks a return to a simpler time, with classical garden elements, and a more formal layout.  Simplicity and elegance combined with the rhythmic water features, help to create a tranquil garden reminiscent of a southern plantation in the Deep South.

Landscapes By Lucin

Green For Life1By Landscape Ontario / Garden Creations

Outstanding Use of Annuals and/or Perennials; The Humber Nurseries Award for Best Overall Use of Plant Material

The Professionals: The Members of Landscape Ontario planned the most ambitious feature garden yet. The entrance garden encompasses over 9000 sq feet. It embraces green technology: green roofs, living walls, and water conservation. Enjoy a stroll through the intricately detailed walkways, plan to spend time in the children’s activity area or be educated by the possibilities that you can apply to your outdoor living space.

Landscape Ontario
Garden Creations

Daffodils the Fight is On19By Miyabi Inc.

Outstanding Representation of Sponsor Message - Presented by Hub Sinclair-Cockburn; The Garden Club of Toronto Award for Best Overall Use of Colour

Gardeners know how resilient the daffodil can be. For the Canadian Cancer Society, the daffodil is more than just a flower. It is a symbol of strength and courage, a symbol of life.  It says we will fight back. It says we will beat cancer.

Highlighted by daffodils and the cancer stories of those who stand behind this iconic symbol, this garden offers visitors an introspective experience through a series of unique features including a tranquil reflection pond, imposing stone pillars and ending in an arched patio.

Miyabi Inc.

Earth Tones12By Parklane Ltd.

The Landscape Ontario Award for Best Overall Quality of Workmanship; The Gordon A. MacEachern Award for Outstanding Garden - Large Size; Outstanding Use of Water

As a tribute to Earth’s rhythmic beat, “Earth Tones” responds to the ambience of the native landscape. A repetitive spiral leads to a drummer’s lookout, where the rhythms of nature resonate in the soul. The space provokes an intimate co-dependent relationship between us and our environment.  Meandering deeper into the garden, one is met with an invitation to express their unique creative spirit and opportunities to explore the unknown.

Parklane Ltd.


The Rhythm and Flow of Kyoto17By Peace, Love and Landscaping

Outstanding Use of Structure (such as fence, wall, gazebo)

In our fast paced world this garden gently reminds us to slow down, pause for a moment, and enjoy life’s little details.  You are welcomed by a space filled with soothing sounds, stimulating scents, and tantalizing textures, all set against an understated and simple Japanese courtyard garden.  Let us bring a little Peace and Love to your outdoor space.

Peace, Love and Landscaping

Wild Things in Your Gardens16By Project Chirp

We show how to make your garden a home for birds, bees, and butterflies. Native plants, water, and nest sites recreate nature in the city.

Project Chirp

How Green is Your Garden14By Reford Gardens

The Leslie L. Solty Award for Best Overall Creativity in Garden Design

Gardeners make beautiful places – but just how environmentally aware, or indeed environmentally friendly are we?  Can our little gardens face up to and expose the big issues that our changing and increasingly un-natural world is imposing on us?  Our own garden sheds contain pesticides, chemicals, broken tools, years of accumulated junk, projects started but unfinished, a snapshot of the hidden truth in our garden and our lives.  This re-working of some of the themes for the Métis garden once more challenges us to look at the real impact we are having on the environment, and also provides the perfect white space in which to find new inspiration.

Reford Gardens

Nature-based Playscape18By Seneca College

Outstanding Educational Garden - for students

We’re leaving no child inside. Leave your computer “mouse” at home. Get outside and find the real thing! come explore, play and learn with nature.

Seneca College

Ontario Landscape Skills Contest23By Skills Ontario

Post-secondary teams from across the province will showcase their landscaping at Canada Blooms.Qualifying teams will meet head to head at Skills Canada – Ontario’s 2011 Landscape Gardening contest in conjunction with Canada Blooms. The competition involves each team of two students building a small garden based on a common criteria and drawings. The teams may use materials landscape rocks, precast wall and paving units,  landscape lighting, sand, composted mulch and plants. The winning team will be judged on its ability to finish the project, while following the guidelines of the contest within the allotted time. This year, the design of the competition garden aligns with the Canada Blooms theme: ‘Rhythms.’ As competitors begin to build their gardens during the show, rhythm will quickly become evident.

Skills Ontario

Rhythm of Natural Geometry9By Stone-Link

Perfect proportional beauty can be based on simple geometric figures. They comply simultaneously with the mathematical visual patterns of geometry, symmetry and topology.  It’s the beauty of three dimensional shapes encompassing a gallery of images of stone and nature – and a vibrant sea of trees creating pattern and proportion, held in a natural stone embrace.


Nurture Urban Nature2By Toronto Botanical Garden/ROM

Outstanding Interpretation of the Festival Theme - "Rhythms" Presented by Mark Cullen

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Toronto Botanical Garden (TBG) are joining forces in an exciting and inspiring booth that will illustrate how you can help nature survive – and even thrive – in the city. ROM and the Toronto Botanical Garden encourage visitors to pause and take a closer look at the urban environment around them. Discover bugs, birds, unfolding ecosystems and the rich diversity of life in Toronto’s parks, valleys and ravines that surrounds us and flourishes, even in the heart of downtown. Reflect on and celebrate the natural world that connects us all.

Toronto Botanical Gardens

"Teach Me" - Carolyn Dawn Johnson5CBy Evergreen Environments

This garden is based on the song “Teach Me” from Carolyn’s latest album Love Rules. As she stated, “All in all, I would like to think that in my life love rules.” Born on a farm in Alberta, she loves natural planting, ponds, and evergreens which will be the main setting for the Garden.  The song is about the desire to be a better person and the garden incorporates an area for reflection and tranquility based on that theme.  Since Carolyn is a very dedicated mother of a little boy and girl, there will also be space for children to play quietly and a small area from which Carolyn will perform. Carolyn Dawn Johnson has been nominated for 3 JUNO Awards and has won once.

Evergreen Environments

"Ben's World" - Ben Heppner5ABy Judith Wright with Premier Landscaping

Most Imaginative Garden Design; Sheridan Nurseries Award for Outstanding Garden - Small Size

Welcome to Ben’s world.  Ben’s life is spent much on the stage so it was natural for Ben to choose a garden scene from one of his favourite operas, Parsifal, by Richard Wagner, an Arthurian legend based on a 13th Century Epic poem, for the most part set in a forest near a castle, the home of the Grail and its knights. Judith Wright, the Landscape Architect that designed Ben’s own garden which Premier built, knows Ben well.  The words given to Judith were, “Opera is bigger than life, bold and the scene should have a tree!” (Ben invariably sings under a tree).  Not an easy task given the small space; however, Judith uses the backdrop to create the scene and bring to life a small part in 3D.  The set creates a dark forest scene.  Whilst on a stage the scene would be bigger, but Judith wanted to create an intimate space allowing the audience a closer link to Ben’s world. Ben Heppner has been nominated for 6 JUNO Awards and has won three times.

Judith Wright with Premier Landscaping

"Tribute to Oscar Peterson"5EBy Landscape Ontario & City of Toronto

With help from Kelly Peterson (Oscar’s wife) and Lindsay Peterson (his daughter-in-law), we have captured the feel of Oscar’s music studio in Mississauga, Ontario. The family’s garden was often an inspiration for Oscar’s passion for photography and, of course, for his wonderful music that was celebrated around the world.

Landscape Ontario
City of Toronto

"Sarah's Garden" - Sarah Harmer5BBy Oriole Landscaping

Sarah’s garden is inspired by her strong personal feelings towards nature.  Having spent her childhood on a Niagara Escarpment farm, she is very much aware that the escarpment’s survival as a unique natural environment (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve) is seriously threatened by extensive quarrying. She is working to save Mount Nemo from being further hollowed out, and is involved with Green Gravel certification. Sarah enjoys native gardening, and especially loves to grow medicinal plants and vegetables.  All this will be reflected in the rural setting of her garden. Sarah Harmer has been nominated for 7 JUNO Awards and has won twice.

Oriole Landscaping

"Jully's Garden" - Jully Black5DBy Sander Design Landscape Architects

The Best Use of Bulbs - Presented by TradeWinds International Sales Co.

This garden, is inspired by the lyrics of Jully’s song “Running”

We belong to each other
And we are the people
Sharing all different races
‘Cause we are all equal

The garden will be interactive, therefore allowing the viewers to visit Jully’s blog, engage her on twitter etc. She also strongly wishes to educate people about Care Canada, her favourite charity. The design of the garden, in purples and blues, is strikingly contemporary. Jully Black has been nominated for 6 JUNO Awards and has won once.

Sander Design Landscape Architects


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