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Birds Of A Feather
This year’s theme is designed to focus on similarities, similarties between people, nature, animals (birds in particular),  plants and insects.

Toronto Flower Show

2020: Birds of A Feather

The Toronto Flower Show is excited to be able to present another thrilling year of competitions amongst amateur floral arrangers and garden club members at Canada Blooms! Non-professional exhibitors and members of horticultural societies and garden clubs enter the classes, competing in horticulture special exhibits, floral design, and photography. The Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms always welcomes those who wish to be involved in open classes! Come and see the nation’s most fascinating floral arrangements, and as well, displays by international competitors who realize Canada Blooms is a world class festival!

All Toronto Flower Show entrants are invited to the Awards Ceremony on the Canada Blooms main stage, Sunday, March 22, 2020 at 3:30 p.m.

The 2020 Competition Rules, Classes and Awards 

Flower Show Schedule

Meet The 2020 International Competitors

Professional Florists – Floral Alley

2020: Birds of A Feather

This year’s Canada Blooms theme  “Birds Of A Feather” is designed to focus on similarities, similarities between people, nature, animals (birds in particular),  plants and insects. We invite designers to consider this while creating their design or they go a different direction and explore the imagery related to birds and feathers.

Canada Blooms Floral Alley is a celebration of Ontario top floral artists. There displays at the festival are truly inspirational.

Displays are designed to last 10 days and floral material will be refreshed throughout the festival, creating a new look. These stunning displays showcase just what professional florists can do.

View the 2019 professional floral artists by clicking here.
View the 2018 professional floral artists by clicking here.
View the 2017 professional floral artists by clicking here.

Open Class

Canada Blooms Floral Artist of the Year Competition presented by Jennifer Harvey

Up to 20 professional and amateur floral designers will vie for a $1000 cash prize and title of Canada Blooms Floral Artist of the Year.

All the designers will be given a surprise pack (seen on the day of the event) and 4 hours to create a stunning design that will be judged by accredited judges. Competition will take place on the festival floor during open hours.

For more information click here.
Meet The 2020 Challengers

Floral Workshop with Hitomi Gilliam

and Jennifer Harvey

Come be inspired and engaged by the Tropical Nouveau Movement in Flora Design

Go To Floral Workshop with Hitomi Gilliam Page

International Floral Designers

Arranged by: International Floral Designers

The Toronto Flower Show is privileged to feature  the floral artistry of International designers in our competition. The  designers are invited to participate in the first five days of the festival

VIEW International Floral Designers

Alma Florist/4165 Flower

Arranged by: Rada Ristich & Brad Higginson

A part of floral history since 1952. A full service flower shop and studio servicing Toronto and the GTA with their creative and award winning designers.

VIEW Alma Florist/4165 Flower


Arranged by: Melani Nemeskovic

Floresco Wedding & Events based in Kitchener. Owner Melani Nemeskovic is a European floral designer who recently moved to Canada and is currently working in the wedding and event industry.

VIEW Floresco

Flower Workshop

Arranged by: Rita Quayle, owner, Giancarlo Cianciotta

Flower Workshop is made up of the most creative team Rita Quayle (shop owner) could assemble- ” if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!”  

VIEW Flower Workshop

Fresh Floral Creations

Arranged by: Bruno Duarte

My approach to floral design is both sculptural and emotional, blending organic materials and found objects together to create works of art. My floral studio is often mistaken for an art gallery, where weekly window displays are created to showcase floral artistry.

VIEW Fresh Floral Creations

Gatto Flowers

Arranged by: Linda Gatto

For over 35 years, Gatto Flowers has been a family business that has focused simply on providing their customers with fresh flowers for every occasion. Gatto Flowers years in the business allows them the ability to offer a wide variety and freshest quality assortment of flowers.

VIEW Gatto Flowers

Joezel Yumul

Arranged by: Joezel Yumul

For the past two consecutive year I have  joined Fleur de Ville and felt so lucky  to be able to share my talent to my fellow florist. In 2018 I won the grand prize Best in the show and Fan favourite, and in 2019 I won Best in Show and Florist favourite.

VIEW Joezel Yumul

Albert Graves: Front Entrance & Parade of Florals

Arranged by: Albert Graves

If you have visited Canada Blooms in the past, you will never forget Albert Grave’s eye-catching lush creations — the Parade of Florals — colourful displays where he mixes the most imaginative objects and home grown plants and flowers. This year Albert is designing the front entrance display…

VIEW Albert Graves: Front Entrance & Parade of Florals

Jennifer Harvey: Hanging Installation

Arranged by: Jennifer Harvey

This stunning floral design is meant to simulate birds in flight.

VIEW Jennifer Harvey: Hanging Installation

Ontario Flower Grower Floral Market

Arranged by: Ontario Flower Growers Co-Operative

Be sure to stop and visit Ontario Flower Growers Co-operative to view or buy fresh, beautiful cut flowers and potted plants  

VIEW Ontario Flower Grower Floral Market

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