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Secret Garden
Paying homage to our roots, we are going to take the first year’s theme ‘Secret Gardens’ and put a 2021 spin on it. Think cozy hideaways, backyard sanctuaries or perhaps a little green oasis. Each garden will be just what we all need a little more of in our lives, places to spend time with friends and family.

Toronto Flower Show

2021: Secret Garden

The Toronto Flower Show was excited to be able to present another thrilling year of competitions amongst amateur floral arrangers and garden club members at Canada Blooms! Non-professional exhibitors and members of horticultural societies and garden clubs entered the classes, competing in horticulture special exhibits, floral design, and photography. The Toronto Flower Show at Canada Blooms always welcomes those who wish to be involved in open classes! The Toronto Flower Show offers  the nation’s most fascinating floral arrangements, and as well, displays by international competitors who realize Canada Blooms is a world class festival!

The 2020 Competition Rules, Classes and Awards 

Flower Show Schedule


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Professional Florists – Floral Alley

2021: Secret Garden

Currently Floral Alley is on hold as the Canada Blooms 2021 in-person festival has been cancelled due to COVID-19 Concerns.

The Canada Blooms theme  was designed to pay homage to the first Canada Blooms.

Canada Blooms Floral Alley is a celebration of Ontario top floral artists. Their displays at the festival are truly inspirational.

Displays are designed to last 10 days and floral material will be refreshed throughout the festival, creating a new look. These stunning displays showcase just what professional florists can do.


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Open Class

Canada Blooms Floral Artist of the Year Competition presented by Jennifer Harvey

Unfortunately, this is on hold due to the cancellation of the 2021 in-person festival due to COVID-19 concerns.

The 2020 Floral Artist of the Year Competition was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns

Up to 20 professional and amateur floral designers would have vied for a $1000 cash prize and title of Canada Blooms Floral Artist of the Year.

All the designers would have been given a surprise pack (seen on the day of the event) and 4 hours to create a stunning design that would have been judged by accredited judges. Competition would have taken place on the festival floor during open hours.

For more information on the 2020 planned event click here.

Meet the 2020 Challengers Meet the 2019 Challengers View Festival Photo Gallery



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