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The 2018 theme inspired our garden designers and builders to create acres of fun and interesting gardens that captured the imagination. Our talented garden designers, builders and floral superstars pulled out all the star-studded stops when interpreting the theme “Let’s Go To The Movies”

Let’s Go To The Movies, Canada Blooms

Celebrating the silver screen!

The 2018 theme inspired our garden designers and builders to create acres of fun and interesting gardens that captured the imagination. Our talented garden designers, builders and floral superstars pulled out all the star-studded stops when interpreting the theme “Let’s Go To The Movies”

There were stunning showcases with vibrant colours, alluring fragrances, and captivating designs that overtook visitor’s senses.


The PollinatorG01By City of Toronto

Visiting your local park is like going to the movies. There is alsoway something to watch, like the many pollinators in action. There is always someting to see and do at your local park. Grab a park bench and enjoy the movie.

Ontario Growers GroveG04By Landscape Ontario, Doubletree Landscaping & Duralock-Interlocking and Landscaping

Ontario Grown Plants to insipre your gardens and landscapes

Jungle BookG10By Landscape by Evergreen & Elite Environments

Stroll through our Canadian jungle inspired garden as characters from the Jungle Book watch your every move.

...Never ForgottenG11By Genoscape

…Never Forgotten
A garden honouring our fallen Canadians and to help raise awareness for the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute Organization

Do Up The Backsteps: The Frog & The PrincessG17ABy Green Art Landscape Design

Out of a lush spring garden emerges a bewitched frog. Who can breat the spell?

Do Up The Backsteps: Star Trek Garden G17BBy Melanie Rekola Landscape Design

Will we transplant plant life from other planets to Earth in future? Will our earthly vegetation be transported to other planets? Perhaps… Horticulture is the final frontier.

Do Up The Backsteps: Found Treasure Island G17CBy Skai Leja Landscape Design & Ecoman

Repurposed Materials + Imagination = Garden Magic!

Do Up The Backsteps: La Vie En Rose G17DBy Canada Blooms Team

This garden is a salute to roses. And these roses from Star Roses and Plants are a knock out

Friendly GardenG18By Royalstone Design Inc.

We invite you to enjoy our unique artwork in old European stone.

Tetley Tea GardenG19By Tetley Tea

Your first step towards tea is in the tea garden. Drop by, relax and try a sample before you continue on your way.

Movies By The PoolG20By Aquaspa Pools Landscape & Design and Royal Stone Landscaping & Design

Our garden pays homage to the cinema with our representation of an outdoor theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Midnight in ParisG21By Julie Moore Modern Landscape Designers & TriMatrix Construction Inc.

The inspiration is based on the movie Midnight in Paris which evokes a life of romantic imagination coupled with an appreciation for landscape artistry such as in Monet’s Giverny and Rodin Museum’s Gardens.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Ocean’s 11 G23BBy AKa Designs

Bring the beach to your front door with a fresh approach to stonework design.

Cozy up on the doorstep and enjoy the front of your home, with a place to watch and play.  Moving away from the traditional square patio, creating waves and curvy lines allows for a softer approach to your entrance for all to enjoy

Do Up The Doorsteps: Alice G23CBy Greer Design Group

The clock is ticking for you to join Alice in Wonderland for a “frabjous” tea party and take an unforgettable journey in this whimsical garden.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Under The Tuscan Sun G23DBy Ginkgo Design

We invite you to fall in love with Tuscany and its bright sunflowers

Do Up The Doorsteps: Welcome To The Front Yard G23EBy Stanley Roszak

We want to take this opportunity to welcome you to our front yard garden.

Fusion Oasis Under The Stars G24By Landscape Ontario & Parklane Landscapes

Today we have learned that one of the most effective ways to protect our fresh water resource is to keep the water on site and allow it to percolate into the naturally purifying earth.

This Is Our MovieG33By Jackson Pond

Some sit in front of their television to watch a good movie. We sit in our backyards to watch a great movie. No advertisements, no disruptions. Just friends and family watching together a movie produced and directed by Mother Nature.

Here's JohnnyG34By Flattery Design Inc.

A contemporary, edgy garden, streamlined adn characterized by sharp lines.

An Inconvenient Garden G35By Mountainhill Landscape by Tom Finucane

Every year and every season we hear about weather records being broken. The increase in climate extremes and the strain being put on the earth’s resources is a worrying trend that cannot be ignored. Our garden takes its inspiration from the now classic documentary that exposed these concerns to a wide audience

Dig Safe Garden G37By Sean James & Bruce Wilson Landscaping

Know what’s below. Call or click before you dig. An educational garden that exposes the importance of excavating with live buried utility services.

Hollywood After PartyG39By Land-Con Ltd.

We are hosting an after party for the newest box office hit in our Hollywood California style mansion’s back garden.

Oscars After Party G40By Bancheri Brothers

A great garden requires hard work, dedication and innovative vision. Just like a wonderful film.

AnticipationG44By Vaughan Landscaping

Movie marathons and the great outdoors!

Balcony Garden: Champagne & Caviar GB1By AKa Designs

Balcony Garden: Black Box Garden GB2By The Growing Connection

Growing gardens in confined spaces.

Balcony Garden:Living Off The WallGB3By Sid's Ponds and Gardenscapes

Growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in the confines of the big city.

Balcony Garden: Chill Out Zone GB4By Who Does Your Garden in partnership with Vital Gardens

Featuring custom built, light weight, stucco planters

Balcony Garden: Movie Night in Technicolour GB5By Lindy Lawrence, Adele Bakhos and Sylvia Szot


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