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Feature Gardens & Exhibits 2019


The 2019 theme inspired our garden designers and builders to create acres of fun and interesting gardens that captured the imagination. Our talented garden designers and builders pulled out all the stops when interpreting the theme “A Family Affair”

A Family Affair
at Canada Blooms

Celebrating all things Family

The 2019 theme inspired our garden designers and builders to create acres of fun and interesting gardens that captured the imagination. Our talented garden designers, builders and floral superstars pulled out all the stops when interpreting the theme “A Family Affair”

There were stunning showcases with vibrant colours, alluring fragrances, and captivating designs that overtook visitor’s senses.

Plants, It's A Family AffairG1By City of Toronto

Green Streets Play ZoneG11By Landscape Ontario, Wentworth Landscapes and Come Alive Outside

Landscape Ontario and Come Alive Outside are partnered to create a Green Street at Canada Blooms!
Check out our video of Toronto Green Street,

A Japanese TouchG13By J Garfield Thompson Landscape

A garden where the members of a family could sit in quiet meditation to reflect on the elements of nature.

Tranquility For The FamilyG15By Landscapes by Evergreen & Elite Environments

A peaceful stroll through our garden brought visitors into the family gathering area. Senses were heightened as the sound of water drowned out surrounding noises and the large structure created an inviting and cozy atmosphere for families to relax.


Do Up The Backsteps: Spa GardenG17ABy ExperTrees Horticulture & Landscape

A relaxing oasis in an urban setting.

Do Up The Backsteps: Green InspirationG17BBy Cedarbook Landscaping

A low maintenance, spectacular outdoor living space, we maintaining it for you, to free up family time and save you money.

Do Up The Backsteps: Garden RemixG17CBy Green Art Landscaping

Do UP The Backsteps: Boreal-USG17DBy Greer Design Group

When families gather beside the cosy warmth and hypnotic crackle of a wood burning fire, good times happen.  Unwind in the evenings relaxing, telling stories, laughing and making the best memories.

A Trip To Europe/European PlazzaG18By Royalstone Design

Guests were invited to enjoy our unique artwork in old European stone.

Royal Stone Group FamilyG20By Aquaspa Pools Landscape & Design and Royal Stone Landscaping & Design

The Royal Stone Group humbly invited visitors to our “home” garden. This very symmetrical design embodied the major characteristics that a family has.,


Create A Living Legacy With FusionG21By Landscape Ontario and Genoscape Inc

Visitors discovered beautiful ways to create fusion landscapes for future generations.,

Make Room For What MattersG23By Sid's Ponds, Elcon Contracting and Madda Worx

We strive to create a space to enjoy in peace and privacy. Enjoy the sounds of running water, the warmth of the fire and the company of the people you love.,,


Do Up The Doorsteps: Coop Stoop ecoModernG24ABy Janet Cox and John's Nursery Waterloo

A small modern but welcoming yard for creatures and family to play, smell, touch and taste. Home space for peace and playfulness in harmony.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Modern FamilyG24BBy Ink To Earth Landscape Design

Board games and family.

Do Up The Doorsteps: Domino EffectG24CBy AKa Desings and MBL Landscaping

Bringing back the porch is a great way to extend your ‘living space’ and create room for all to enjoy. Whether that be to play a game, share some stories, or cozy up with a book, this front door sets a mood that will have a ‘domino effect’ for all; to want to relax and enjoy.

AKa Designs: 416-807-8774,

Do Up The Doorsteps: Functional Familty FunG24DBy Landscape Designs by Jodie Munshaw

Who says a front yard needs to be boring? Involve the whole family into turning your living space to a spot to gather and grow together.


Do Up The Doorsteps: Hanging With The FamiltyG24EBy DPR Landscapes

A Front entrance designed with traditional infrastructure, contemporary curb appeal and extraordinary gardening. Built for families to create memories and spend time together

Heirs of HorticultureG27By Landscape Ontario Trades Association and Gelderman Landscape Service

Like any significant legacy, the horticultural profession looks to its heirs to impart its knowledge, traditions, and positive impact in communities across Canada. With increasing attention on the environment, a growing demand for living green infrastructure, Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association (LO) works with partners to increase awareness about multiple education and training pathways.,

Hortus Familia Canadensis - The Canadian Family GardenG38By Mountainhill Landscape Professional

A fusion of elements, textures, structures, spaces and colour to make a luxurious and livable outdoor space for the whole family

Gathering By The PondG39By Jackson Pond

Our bodies are comprised mainly of water, so we are naturally drawn to it. This is why the sights and sounds of a pond and waterfall draws families together.

Dig Safe GardenG41By Sean James and ORCGA

Know what’s below. Call or click before you dig. An educational garden that exposes the importance of excavating with live buried utility services.

Mayfair House G43By Flattery Design

This space was designed for a private ‘club-like’, members only feel, with a grand entrance, lush surroundings, water feature and dining  lounging space.

Pollinator ParadiseG42By Canada Blooms Team & Volunteers

A tribute to pollinators.

Enjoy Every Minute of LifeG44By BB Pools and Landscapes

The Memories we make with our family is everything.

Cliff CityG46By Ecoman

There’s no question that green spaces have environmental benefits. They are associated with improved air quality, relief from extreme heat, and mitigate the negative impacts of heavy rainfall events. But not everyone has the space to do their part in advocating for green goodness on private property.

Balcony Showcase: Colour of LoveGB1By AKa Designs and MBL Landscaping

Sink into the Hemingway chair and return to the Hollywood of yesterday.  An elegant oasis to enjoy as one or with many.  Surrounded by tropical plants and a patio pond, you’ll never want to leave this paradise.

AKa Designs: 416-807-8774,

Balcony Showcase: Story Time With The Three BearsGB2By Sylvia Szot Landscape Design

Like many other Canadian families, the Bears are “right-sizing” to condo-living.  Their balcony reflects a love of nature and provides a cozy space for family time, especial at night when they are most active.

Balcony Showcase: The International Caja GardenGB3By The Growing Connection

The intergenerational Caja garden features plants for kids, adults, and grandparents.

Balcony Showcase: Bike Storage To Beaujolais - The Modern Toronto Condo BalconyGB4By Terrace Creations

From quiet reading to entertaining, a modern balcony has beautiful flooring, seating, lighting and plants for all those needed herbs!


Balcony Showcase: The Family You MakeGB5By Canada Blooms Team

A cozy balcony created by our dedicated volunteers.

Highway of Heroes Living TributeG3By HOH Living Tribute

We are planting 2 million trees along the 401 Highway of Heroes, a tribute to the men and women who fought for Canada in our wars, and a living memorial to the 117,000 who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Botanical Bar G14By Toronto Botanical Garden

This urban garden is intoxicating – full of natural beauty, country charm and wild elixirs that will raise your spirits and feed your soul. Discover how to infuse your urban space with plants that will increase your well-being and make a positive impact on the planet.

Gardening Made SimpleG28By Vegepod

An easy to manage contained raised gardening bed is perfect for the home. Control your growth and veggie quality in a separate environment away from the ground and away from the pests.

The Grow RoomG40By University of Guelph

Horticulture HappeningsG31-33By Garden Societies and Related Associations

The Ontario Horticultural Association is a volunteer, charitable organization whose mission is to provide leadership and assist in the promotion of education and interest in all areas of horticulture.

Ontario Horticultural Association

Other societies in Horticultural Happenings:
North American Native Plant Society, Ontario Invasive Plant Council, Butchart Gardens

Canada Blooms MarketplaceHalls B/F/G/H/By Various Vendors

Everything you need to start your gardening season off right.


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