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Why Choose Unilock?

Unilock Outdoor Living


For almost fifty years, Unilock has been helping people create beautiful outdoor spaces that become treasured places to build lasting memories. It all started when our founder brought a revolutionary new paving method to North America, called the Uni-Stone. Since then, other companies have tried to follow in our footsteps, but Unilock remains the style and technology leader.

4 Reasons to Choose UNILOCK

Unilock Styles  

1.  More Styles Than Anyone Else
From the sleek contemporary look of Umbriano, to the timeless feel of weathered European cobblestones with Courtstone, and everything in between, Unilock has something for everyone. Today, we remain the only company in North America with memberships in Eurobeton and Stein + Design, two prestigious European concrete product innovation groups. These exclusive relationships continue to put us on the leading edge of style and technology.


Unilock Quality Samples  

2.  Exceptional Quality
All products are not created equal. Many products look great when they’re first installed, but after time the difference in quality shows. For over 45 years, the very best designers and contractors have relied on Unilock to supply cutting edge paving and wall products that enable them to build extraordinary projects that stand the test of time.
Durability that is second to none – We don’t just aim to meet industry standards, we exceed them (American Society for Testing and Materials, Canadian Standards Association).Colour that lasts – The refined surface of EnduraColor products is achieved with a two-step manufacturing process.
Unique textures – Deep, rich colors and a multitude of unique Reala textures combine to deliver the timeless beauty of Unilock Elegance.These among other exclusive Unilock technologies are why Unilock is chosen time and time again.

Unilock Lifetime Guarantee  

3. Transferable Lifetime Guarantee
Unilock was the first concrete paver manufacturer in North America to offer a Lifetime Guarantee, and we have continued to back it up to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our product. That’s quite the commitment since we have over 10 billion stones on the ground! We can do this because our product is better and stronger. In fact, our internal standards of manufacturing far exceed industry standards set by ASTM, CSA and European organizations. Our Lifetime Warranty has been a part of our commitment for the past 40 years. We stand behind every stone we make – just ask our customers. Visit unilock.com for more details and to register your project for Unilock’s Transferable Lifetime Guarantee.

Unilock Experts Choose  

4. Experts Continue to Choose UNILOCK
Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers have relied on Unilock products for decades to build world class commercial spaces across North America.

Unilock 1-800-UNILOCK

Don’t forget to drop by the Outdoor Do-It-Yourself Centre on Saturday, March 14, Unilock Day, to discover tips and tricks for choosing the right product, and handy how-to demonstrations.

OR, drop by the UNILOCK® Idea Centre in Georgetown to explore project ideas and get helpful advice.


Vegepod Makes Growing Simple


Vegepod – A vegetable garden kit that makes growing simple!

Vegepod began eight years ago like any good invention, out of failure and necessity.  Matt Harris, inventor and CEO, tried like 80 percent of us at some stage in life to grow and harvest vegetables at home and again like the vast majority of those people, kept failing for a variety of reasons. Matt set out to construct a vegetable garden kit that could go anywhere and solve all problems in one solution. Thus the birth of Vegepod. Nine years on and Vegepods have finally made it to Canada.

Vegepod’s innovation and incomparable gardening success rates were then realised on a winning appearance on the Australian “Shark Tank” 2 years ago. Naomi Simson jumped on board as an investor and the show created a spike in awareness for growing vegetables with Vegepod in Australia.

It’s easy to set up, simple to fill and requires little ongoing maintenance. The ideal solution for the busy householder who wants a veggie patch but doesn’t have the time or effort required to build one. Not only is it easy and effective for the common householder but its fantastic for all ages and communities ranging from kindergartens, schools, aged care, disabilities and health care services. Programs have been developed or are currently under development for these specific sectors in the community which have been designed by Dr Kate Neale from the Southern Cross University and funded by the Australian Government in conjunction with Vegepod. The programs are designed to empower and engage the participants, develop life skills (build capacity), increase organisational sustainability, contribute to urban greenspaces, provide a potential avenue for micro-business / social enterprises and maximise the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

The benefits of gardening are well known. Wellbeing and resilience is linked to time spent in gardens. The benefits are both physical and spiritual/ emotional. Benefits include: lower anxiety, improved concentration, engaged senses, encouraged healthy eating and living, promotion of being active, development of fine and gross motor skills (if you’ve ever planted carrot seeds, you’ll know what we mean), social interactions with others, an increased sense of belonging, inclusion and connection to place.

In conclusion Vegepod is a solution for growing vegetables which makes it simple and easy for anyone, anywhere.

Come see the Vegepod Garden and Canada Blooms 2019 and see why it is the right garden for you, or visit our website.