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Why Choose Unilock?

Unilock Outdoor Living


For almost fifty years, Unilock has been helping people create beautiful outdoor spaces that become treasured places to build lasting memories. It all started when our founder brought a revolutionary new paving method to North America, called the Uni-Stone. Since then, other companies have tried to follow in our footsteps, but Unilock remains the style and technology leader.

4 Reasons to Choose UNILOCK

Unilock Styles  

1.  More Styles Than Anyone Else
From the sleek contemporary look of Umbriano, to the timeless feel of weathered European cobblestones with Courtstone, and everything in between, Unilock has something for everyone. Today, we remain the only company in North America with memberships in Eurobeton and Stein + Design, two prestigious European concrete product innovation groups. These exclusive relationships continue to put us on the leading edge of style and technology.


Unilock Quality Samples  

2.  Exceptional Quality
All products are not created equal. Many products look great when they’re first installed, but after time the difference in quality shows. For over 45 years, the very best designers and contractors have relied on Unilock to supply cutting edge paving and wall products that enable them to build extraordinary projects that stand the test of time.
Durability that is second to none – We don’t just aim to meet industry standards, we exceed them (American Society for Testing and Materials, Canadian Standards Association).Colour that lasts – The refined surface of EnduraColor products is achieved with a two-step manufacturing process.
Unique textures – Deep, rich colors and a multitude of unique Reala textures combine to deliver the timeless beauty of Unilock Elegance.These among other exclusive Unilock technologies are why Unilock is chosen time and time again.

Unilock Lifetime Guarantee  

3. Transferable Lifetime Guarantee
Unilock was the first concrete paver manufacturer in North America to offer a Lifetime Guarantee, and we have continued to back it up to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our product. That’s quite the commitment since we have over 10 billion stones on the ground! We can do this because our product is better and stronger. In fact, our internal standards of manufacturing far exceed industry standards set by ASTM, CSA and European organizations. Our Lifetime Warranty has been a part of our commitment for the past 40 years. We stand behind every stone we make – just ask our customers. Visit unilock.com for more details and to register your project for Unilock’s Transferable Lifetime Guarantee.

Unilock Experts Choose  

4. Experts Continue to Choose UNILOCK
Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers have relied on Unilock products for decades to build world class commercial spaces across North America.

Unilock 1-800-UNILOCK

Don’t forget to drop by the Outdoor Do-It-Yourself Centre on Saturday, March 14, Unilock Day, to discover tips and tricks for choosing the right product, and handy how-to demonstrations.

OR, drop by the UNILOCK® Idea Centre in Georgetown to explore project ideas and get helpful advice.


Create Privacy With Architextural™ Screens by Ikonik

Ikonik - 88 Series - Tangier

As we are welcoming the warmer temperatures and sunshine, we want to spend time outside with our friends and family. But, while outside we also want to carve out a space that is just for us, out of sight so that we can relax and enjoy the day in our backyard or garden.

How do we get that much needed privacy?
How about privacy screens? At the end of the busy day or hectic work week we all need time to unwind, relax, and recharge in a space that shelters you from the noise of the outside world. Using Ikonik Laser Cut Privacy Screens in your outdoor space create not only that sought after privacy but also creates beautiful art for your backyard.

Why should you get an Ikonik Privacy screen?

  • Using Laser Cut Architextural™ Privacy Screens in your outdoor space allows you to escape to a place that is just your own so you can exhale, reset your mind and breathe in a dance of shadow, light, and halftones.
  • A well thought out design choice can transform your space and transport you to where you once stood…or where you dream of standing.
  • Much like the rooms of the indoor spaces in your home, Ikonik Privacy Screens help delineate the areas or zones of your outdoor space. Laser Cut Privacy Screens around a hot tub can help create a more intimate space for just the two of you while the kids are having fun in the yard. Screens by the Firepit can make for a cozy space while others are playing in the pool. Defining the outdoor dining area will help create an environment where some of the most memorable family conversations happen.
  • You can Elevate Your Space and transform that one eyesore in your yard to eye-catching. Are you tired of looking at the air conditioner unit or pool equipment? Can’t stand seeing the gas or electrical meter coming off the side or back of the house? The thoughtful placement of just one or two Ikonik screens in that area can completely change the way you feel about the same space.
  • Laser Cut Privacy Screens can provide the ideal situation for your climbing plants to reach new heights and grow to their full potential. Any Pergola or Cabana can be retrofitted with Ikonik Screens on the sides, back, or overhead to create the perfect environment for plants to intertwine and climb the patterned screens to eventually offer natural overhead shade with hanging clusters of fragrant flowers.

Ikonik Architextural™ Screens offer a myriad of possibilities suited to both interior and exterior applications (check out our patterns). Our screens artfully define your living and transitional areas. Whether you seek to establish privacy or shade, create stunning feature wall, or dramatic stand-alone artworks — there is an Ikonik solution. Ikonik Laser Cut Privacy Screens are constructed from 5052 Aluminum ensuring they will never rust,  have a 90º  1½” Structural Flange along all edges providing rigidity and torsional stiffness as well as ease of installation. Ikonik includes all hardware required to attach to either our Aluminum posts or the post material of your choice. If we don’t have the pattern or size that you are looking for we are happy to provide custom options as well.  All Ikonik products are proudly made right here in Guelph, Ontario, Canada using only the highest quality material and powder-coats.

Ikonik Logo View Ikonik Gallery Check out Ikonik’s Insta

About Ikonik:
Ikonik designs and manufactures premium laser cut Architextural™ Elements suited to both interior and exterior spaces. A unique balance of form and function, our product line includes standard and custom Architextural™ Screens, shade structures, feature lighting, and gates that artfully define your interior or exterior spaces and transitional areas. To establish privacy or shade, create stunning feature walls or dramatic stand alone art features, there is an Ikonik solution. 

Ikonik Asonoah Screen