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November Colours

Cabbage Roses

November is not normally a month that is looked forward to.  It just is not an exciting month. It is grey and it looks dirty outside.  November also gives us hints that winter will soon start.  In the flower business November is a month that does show transition.  We move from the last remnants of fall to an in between stage of not winter and not fall.  Here in Southern Ontario we don’t have the glorious golden fall colours nor do we have the clean white of winter.  However, there is still colour to be found.

Cabbage and Kale (not the one you eat) – definitely a workhorse that is under appreciated, that reaches its full potential once colder temperatures arrive.  Although available already in the spring  as a cut flower and potted plant, it is the cooler temperatures that bring out the beautiful true colours.  Cabbage the more “rose” looking of the two and kale the more “frilly” one come in purple, whites and pinks.  All these are available from Canadian growers well into December.  Also because they can take some cold weather they can be used in outdoor planters.

Christmas Sticks

Boughs and branches – another seasonal group that jumps to the forefront at this time of year are seasonal greens and colourful branches.  Dogwood (yellow, and red), curly willow (yellow, orange and green) and birch all can be prominently seen as people decorate for the holiday season in outdoor urns and in bouquets.   Greens can be from Canada, many do come from the west coast.  Most branches are available until spring.  Other branches do make their appearance later – starting January – as that is when pussy willow, forsythia and cherry blossoms make their appearance.

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