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Keep Your Snow Thrower Winter Ready

Winter Ready with Troy-Bilt

As much as we try  to prepare our equipment to take on winter’s worst, some of us are left with  costly repairs and barely cleaned driveways as a result of misusing our snow  throwers. Keep your snow thrower winter ready by following these top 5 tips and  tricks.

#1:  Read your owner’s manual
You should  always read your owner’s manual before operating equipment. This will explain  how your snow thrower works, as well as help to resolve common equipment issues  like a clogged chute. In such instances, always shut off the engine and remain  behind the handles until all moving parts have stopped before unclogging. You  should never use your hands to clear a clogged chute assembly. Instead, use the  chute clean-out tool that is conveniently fastened to the rear of the auger  housing with a mounting clip. Troy-Bilt snow throwers even have polymer,  clog-resistant chutes to prevent clogs or backup in the chute.

#2:  Always use Treated Fuel
Stale fuel is  the number one cause of hard starting in small engines.  Today’s fuels break down rapidly, decreasing  their ability to ignite.  Use of fuel  that contains more that 10% ethanol, such as E15 (15% alcohol), is not  recommended. Leaving fuel in the fuel tank of your snow thrower will clog the  carburetor over time. To prevent this from happening, add fuel stabilizer or  treatment to every tank full of fresh gas.

#3:  Check Engine Oil Before Each Use
Always check  the oil level before each use on an even surface prior to operating your equipment.  Running the engine with insufficient oil can cause serious engine damage and  void the engine warranty. Do not overfill the engine as this will cause smoking  of the engine and a hard start.

#4:  Brush Off Any Snow, Slush or Salt When You Are Finished 
After each use, remove the excess snow and slush behind the augers before  it freezes. First, engage the augers for at least 30 seconds to ensure no snow  is trapped behind the fan. Then shut it off. Don’t forget to remove any excess salt  buildup to reduce the chance of your snow thrower rusting over time.

#5:  Emergency Spare Parts
There is  always a possibility that you will need a part during or right after a snow  storm, when you really need to use your equipment. To prepare for this type of  emergency situation, we recommend that you keep the following spare parts on  hand: ignition key, shear pins, drive belts, spark plug, oil, fresh (treated)  fuel, skid shoes, shave plate.  Please  consult the parts list in your Operators Manual for exact part numbers.

Troy-Bilt is  a proud to announce its sponsorship of Canada Blooms 2017. Don’t forget to visit our booth in the Garden Hall at this year’s festival.

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