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Considerations for Choosing the Right Product and Colour for your home by UNILOCK®

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As the original manufacturer of concrete patio pavers in North America, UNILOCK® has earned a fine reputation for quality and become one of the most trusted names in the industry. With more than 10 billion stones in the ground to date, we’ve sold more pavers than any other company.

UNILOCK® knows that choosing the right colour of pavers for your home can be a daunting task, so here is some advice to consider for projects you may be considering around your house.

Unilock Existing Architecture Consider Existing Architecture

For most projects, the house is the most significant structure to consider. Many homeowners feel compelled to match the color of their pavers to the color of their house but an exact match is not necessary and sometimes not ideal. Instead, try to stay within the same color ‘tone’; if your home’s brick or siding is a warm brown tone, consider paver options within this color family. Likewise, if your home is a cool grey, consider this family of colors for your pavers. In this case, Town Hall Heritage Red was chosen for this warm-toned home.

Unilock Applications Consider the Application

Different colors are well suited to different applications. For example, pool decks are best designed in lighter colors that absorb less heat from the summer sun and are more comfortable for bare feet. In contrast, a high traffic driveway, or BBQ area that is prone to spills may be better suited to a darker color. Choosing a paver that offers Easy Clean stain resistance is another option. Here we see Umbriano Summer Wheat used with a Copthorne Burgundy Red.

Unilock Key Elements Complement other Key Elements

In this backyard project, homeowners decided to pull colors from the home’s roof and trim to define a cozy firepit area. Any nearby structure can be used for inspiration, including natural elements like a rocky outcropping or a stand of trees. Consider using color as a method to establish different areas of your project (cooking, dining, lounging), to direct people from one area to another or to visually signal the edges of pools and steps. And don’t forget about pillars, planters and landscape walls. The color of these vertical elements can also be chosen to coordinate or contrast with the surrounding flatwork.

Unilock Accent or Border Add an accent or border

Think one color is boring? Add a border, accent or inlay in your design with a different color to create a subtle variation that is appealing to the eye. By using the same accent in your walls, pillars or planters you will create a cohesive look and feel, and make your project feel truly special. Products featured here are Artline, Brussels Dimensional, Series and Umbriano.

Unilock Mix and Match Mix and match online

Simply drag and drop various borders, accents and color swatches next to each other and start to envision the possibilities.

Unilock Samples Physical Samples

Visit one of our Outdoor Idea Centers and take home FREE product samples. Or ask your contractor to bring samples to your home. Seeing samples in natural light will show the truest color and can help you to visualize how the project will look next to your home and existing landscape.

Unilock 1-800-UNILOCK

Don’t forget to drop by the Outdoor Do-It-Yourself Centre on Saturday, March 14, Unilock Day, to discover tips and tricks for choosing the right product, and handy how-to demonstrations.

OR, drop by the UNILOCK® Idea Centre in Georgetown to explore project ideas and get helpful advice.

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