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Joanna was introduced to gardening almost before birth, her parents being a botany professor and a plant pathologist. Some of her earliest memories are of anxiously watching radishes and annual flowers growing in her own little plot in the backyard, and of listening to her parents argue over the Sunday radio gardening show. Her interest waned during her teenaged years, but she still nurtured a couple of houseplants. Time moved on - she married and moved from the UK to Canada, where an apartment balcony window box, several houseplants and a book about gardening were early purchases. Then came a move to a house with more gardening possibilities. She has added to that early learning through trial & error and enjoys sharing stories of her successes & failures so that others may avoid making the same mistakes. Before she retired, Joanna found gardening a welcome respite from the frustrations of her workday, and she highly recommends “plant therapy” to everyone. She is currently very busy being the Executive Coordinator of the Toronto Master Gardeners.

By: Joanna Blanchard

Joanna Blanchard
MAR 20
Fri 10:00am to 9:00pm - Floral Day

Isuzu Garden Solutions Stage presented by Harrowsmith (Hall G)
12:00 PM




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