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Foodscaping: Innovative Ways to Grow Edibles in Your Yard

About Charlie Nardozzi

Charile is an award winning garden speaker, radio and TV host. He delights in making gardening easy, simple and approachable for all ages. He's authored 6 books, has radio and TV shows in the Northern US, speaks at flower shows, and t garden clubs and Master Gardener groups around the country and Canada, holds webinars and leads international garden tours. He's also a consultant for gardening companies and kids, senior, community and veteran's garden programs.

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By: Charlie Nardozzi

Charlie Nardozzi
MAR 13
Wed 10:00am to 8:00pm

Unilock Celebrity Stage
12:00 PM

Edible landscaping is a hot topic, but many gardeners are afraid to sacrifice their lawn, shrubs and flowers to pant edibles. Fear Not! Based on Charlie’s Book, Foodscaping, he helps take the mystery out of integrating vegetables, fruits and herbs into your landscape. he’ll show innovative ways to grow edibles as hedges, ground covers, foundation plants and barriers. You don’t have to replace your whole garden, but can substitute attractive edible plants for strictly ornamental ones, step by step.

You’ll learn about attractive varieties of common vegetables and fruits, unusual places to grow edibles and how to get started so your yard will look beautiful from day one. This talk is sponsored by VELCRO USA.

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