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On June 18th, 2014,  the 11th World Flower  Show of the World Association of Floral Artists took place in Ireland. What a  spectacular event—31 countries were represented by 670 competitors in 31  classes. The class size ranged from 15 to 34 competitors with the average being  20 entrants per class.  Eleven Garden Club of Toronto members had the courage  to accept the challenge to compete on the world stage. Canada had 26 entrants  in total with 5 placements.
Each member country is invited to present a  “national” exhibit which is not judged, but forms the entry to the show. Our  representative designer was Trudy Grantham, who repeated her award-winning  design from the GCO Flower Show of 2013, depicting Canada in pine sticks with  red anthuriums from sea to sea to sea. The 670 competitors exhibited in two  large halls of the Royal Dublin Society in 31 classes, ranging from small  designs to abstract ones to children’s designs. Garden Club members Celia  Roberts placed 2nd in class “Conundrum, Line,” (see photograph) and Rosemary  Passafiume-McLean took honourable mention in the imposed class  “Spontaneous Approach.” Congratulations to all- this is like winning an Olympic medal!
Canada Blooms is such a highly respected flower  show on the “International Flower Show Circuit.” Many people spoken to had  competed at or attended Canada Blooms, and many more want to come. As  competitors, they raved about our hospitality, and for sure a big part of that  credit goes to the Garden Club’s Floral Design Committee, which organizes all  the events for the “Internationals” every year.
— from the Garden Club of Toronto

Picture Celia Roberts 2nd place submission courtesy of

Other Canadian Winners included:
Class 3 Forgotten Place: Corrie Outerbridge, 2nd prize
Class 17 Illusion: Susan Suter, 1st prize
Class 22 Defining Line: Audrey Van Holst, 2nd prize


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