‘Unsung Heroes’: Celebrating Trees

About JoAnne Fleming

JoAnne Fleming was surrounded by Maple trees growing up on a farm called Mapleholme. She has always felt a deep connection to trees. As an avid gardener, landscape architect, educator, environmentalist and speaker she loves to share her passion, and grow your awe about trees.

A graduate of Queens University and Ryerson University, she established her business as a landscape architect in Sault Ste. Marie. As Chair of the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee she established a City Beautification program 'The Sault is You’. Concerned about environmental issues, she chaired the Quality of Life committee for the City. Where ever she has lived in Ontario, British Columbia and Mexico, she has been involved in programs to help clean up, and green up her communities.

JoAnne was moderator of a workshop at the United Nations Climate Change conference. Leading public tours at the Ontario Forest Research Institute, she interpreted forest research programs to groups of adults and students. JoAnne taught Environmental Horticulture, Environmental Concerns, Pollution Economics, and community landscape programs at community colleges.

As a lifelong learner, she is deeply concerned about the world our children will inherit from us. She attends conferences, researches, speaks and writes about environmental issues. Whether walking in the woods, garden, park, or countryside, trees nurture her soul, reduce her stress, and inspire her creativity.

By: JoAnne Fleming

JoAnne Fleming
MAR 14
Wed 10:00am to 8:00pm

Garden Solutions Stage presented by Harrowsmith (Hall G)
03:00 PM

JoAnne Fleming specializes in helping you become a better ancestor by growing your awareness and curiosity about trees. With colourful images to inspire you, she invites you to fall in love with trees, take better care of them, and treat them like heroes.

Grow your curiosity and awe about what happens inside leaves, under the bark, and underground. Scientists have recently confirmed that trees are social beings that communicate with one another, and share water and nutrients. Had you ever thought that trees could ‘talk?’

A single tree produces hundreds of kilometres of roots, and tens of thousands of leaves. They even do this in the exact same location for decades, hundreds, and thousands of years. JoAnne shares her curiosity and passion for their tenacity, beauty, inspiration, and appeal to all of your senses.
Even though you may not have paid much attention to trees and nature, JoAnne could awaken a deep remembering of your ancestors real connection to trees. They knew trees were critical to their survival. She believes we need to reconnect to Nature, and nurture a deeper connection.

Learn how to look at trees in new ways and treat them as heroes for the many gifts and services they provide, including oxygen which helps make all life possible. With the growing impact of climate change on trees, learn how to help trees so they can continue to provide their priceless gifts, plus inspire you, reduce your stress, and grow your creativity. You will never look at trees in the same way again. What else provides so much for FREE?

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