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About Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson spent 30+ years with UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Africa, Latin America, Europe, the USA and Canada, focusing on project/program design and implementation, always with an emphasis on small-scale, community-oriented initiatives, horticulture and nutrition.

Field-level experience taught him that simple solutions are the best solutions, and that lasting progress can be made without huge capital inputs, high operating costs and, often, without motors.

Robert has built sustainable vegetable gardens at schools, clinics and with communities all over the world.

Dedicated to "Health and Taste at the Doorstep", iIn 2011, Robert and his partners founded EcoHuerto, in Mexico (, and in 2015 he returned to Canada to initiate The Growing Connection. Robert is a graduate of the Univ. of Guelph and Carleton U’s School of Int’l Affairs, and is Managing Director of TGC (

By: Robert Patterson

Robert Patterson
MAR 14
Thurs 10:00am to 9:00pm

Garden Solutions Stage presented by Harrowsmith (Hall G)
03:00 PM

The values and rewards of the freshest, tastiest foods is unassailable. However, today’s urban settings and hectic lifestyles often mean that these rewards, enjoyed it at their peak, are often lost.

The Growing Connection (, using the most space/labour/cost efficient methods, brings fresh production of food, aromatics and ornamentals directly into daily life at home, at the workplace, and at schools, hospitals, clinics and seniors’ residences.

This presentation – which touches all our five senses – will demonstrate how easy and valuable it is to integrate fresh food production within virtually any workplace or institutional environment.

TGC’s presentation will highlight the following:

o Access to the freshest tastes leads to healthier eating patterns and improved health;

o A nearby, working garden has a positive influence on engagement, community, pleasure and well-being for families, at school or in the workplace, or as part of the healing institutions;

o The ease and flexibility of today’s innovative, sustainable growing systems.

Robert will demonstrate TGC’s innovative installations and will engage the audience in the planting / growing / tasting of the freshest produce imaginable.


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