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Promoting a healthy  backyard through Natural Solutions

After 20 years living on the west coast of Canada where John was a trained paramedic and a volunteer fire-fighter in  Vancouver B.C., he returned to the Niagara region  to join his sister Susan in taking over the family business, Natural Insect Control, to put into practice his environmental philosophies towards Alternative to Chemicals.   Natural Insect Control (NIC) was one of the first beneficial insect companies in Canada and has been on the cutting edge of the industry ever since.  NIC  provides a wide variety of natural products that are environmentally sounds and sustainable .

For the past three years John has been actively involved in trying to  introduce solitary bees  (Mason and Leafcutter Bees)  as an alternative pollination  provider for both commercial and home use.   As well as trying to find natural solutions towards invasive pests such as small hive beetle, a pest impacting the honey bees industry.


For fun, John is currently involved in establishing a blue bird / tree swallow nesting box trail in Stevensville, Ontario.


John enjoys nothing more than sharing his love of nature and how it all fits together.

By: John Robertson

John Robertson
MAR 14
Thurs 10:00am to 9:00pm

Garden Solutions Stage presented by Harrowsmith (Hall G)
12:00 PM

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