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Bumper Stumper Challenge

In keeping with our Theme: ‘A Family Affair’ we are thinking about those fun family road trips and the games we used to play to keep busy before we reached our destination.  One of those games might have been BUMPER STUMPERS, the vanity plate game.

So put your deductive reasoning to the test and see if you can find the answer to all 21.  If you solve all 21 you will be entered to win 4 tickets to the Royal Ontario Museum.

If you didn’t quite get them all you will be entered to win one of ten sets of 2 tickets to Canada Blooms 2019.

Anne Polischuk, London, ON

2nd Prize Winners
Patricia Sopel, Oshawa, ON
Jan Holden, Caledonia, ON
Val Chong, Toronto, ON
Joanne Castor, Beaverton, ON
Janice Sinclair, Allenford, ON
Wilf Spitznagel, Waterloo, ON
Lesli Musicar, Toronto, ON
Olivia Morris, Toronto, ON
Karen Epp, St. Catherines, ON
Angela Burt, Toronto, ON


ADMNEV – Adam and Eve
10SNE1 – Tennis Anyone
I1/221/2U – I Have To Have You
IN₡TV – Incentive
2M8OS – Tomatoes
MREXPRT – Mystery Expert
OF10L8 – Often Late
44BWTHU – Force Be With You
TPRT – Tea Party
GUDGII – Good Guys
GROZIV – Grows Ivy
YYGII – Wise Guys
LUXLIKU – Looks Like you
LRDV8R – Lord Vader
2NDBAA – Second Base
HVNSNT – Heaven Sent
1LINR – One Liner
IMB4U – I Am Before You
KUKEE – Cookie
SKULDAZ – School Daze
XO4EWZ – Eggs Over Easy



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